Stranger Things: How Brett Gelman created the rumour Murray died in season four

The answer involves a social media mishap

Amanda Whiting
Monday 11 July 2022 15:04 BST
‘Stranger Things’ creators discuss season four character deaths

On Stranger Things, Brett Gelman plays Murray, a reclusive conspiracy theorist who transforms into a flamethrower-weilding action hero.

His character is one of many to make it out of the most recent season alive.

Before the second volume of the Netflix fantasy hit’s fourth season premiered in July, however, rumours were swirling that the fan-favourite character was going to die.

Recently, Gelman took the blame for inadvertantly starting those rumours.

“Before the season premiered, I put out this social media appreciation post for Matt and Ross about them being such amazing friends and bosses”, Gelman said in an interview, referring to the Duffer brothers, the creators of Stranger Things.

His message of thanks was so effusive, some fans believed the actor was implying his time working on the series was over.

“I guess it read like I was saying goodbye, like Murray dies. And the kids went nuts!” said Gelman, who found himself having to make a tough decision about whether to correct the mistake.

Ultimately, the Fleabag actor did nothing. “I didn’t want to take it down or contradict it because then that is a spoiler”, he told the Hollywood Reporter.

“I felt really bad watching the kids, the fans suffer over that, but at the same time, it really meant a lot they felt that way,” he said.

Gelman’s original June Instagram post, which featured a photo of Ross and Matt Duffer, read: “I love these two geniuses very much. Thank you, my buddies, for bringing me into this glorious world you’ve created. Thank you for being the leaders you are. Thank you for your unmatched vision.”

In the interview published Monday (11 July), Gelman reiterated that he has no information about how Murray will fare in the series’ final season.

“I truly have no idea what’s in store for any of us in season five,” he said.

The cast of ‘Stranger Things’
The cast of ‘Stranger Things’ (Netflix)

​​Stranger Things fans have had their hopes dashed by the Duffer brothers over one wish for the final season, which is expected to be released in 2024.

Meanwhile, the brothers have shared one big change they’ll introduce to the show for its final season, and also explained the alternate fate of a character killed off in season four, should they have made it to season five.

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