Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Len Goodman reveals his favourite to win

‘It’s wonderful that there is someone older on the show who is really good’

Ella Kemp
Monday 09 October 2017 12:42

Former head judge Len Goodman has spoken up about this year’s crop of celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing, revealing that he’s rooting for 58-year-old Debbie McGee.

McGee, best known as the former assistant and widow of magician Paul Daniels, has impressed judges and audiences alike, remaining in the top half of the leaderboard with every performance in the competition so far.

Goodman told The Sun why he’s rooting for Debbie this year: “It’s wonderful that there is someone older on the show who is really good. It would be great to see her win.

“You know the people in their twenties who have been in a pop group or been to stage school are going to do really well. One of the joys of Strictly is having a surprise contender.”

While Debbie remains one of this year’s frontrunners, the performer did make a rather unfortunate announcement in her appearance on BBC Berkshire.

On Sunday morning (8 October), she revealed that Rev. Richard Coles would be the second celebrity to leave the competition before it was formally revealed that evening.

"Very sad to see Richard go, the Reverend Richard," she said, before adding "Oh - or, or going," as she realised her mistake. Hopefully, karma will keep her in the competition a few weeks longer despite the slip.

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