Super Bowl 2020: Best adverts so far, from Bryan Cranston’s The Shining reboot to Lil Nas X’s dance battle

Biggest sporting event in the US kicks off on 2 February

Clémence Michallon
New York
Thursday 30 January 2020 18:23
Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross in Super Bowl commercial

The 2020 Super Bowl is almost upon us – and while some are busy analysing the sporting chances of the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, others are more excited for the high-profile ads to air during the advert breaks.

Advertisers shell out up tp $5m for 30 seconds of air time, with many of them recruiting celebrities to better capture viewers’ attention.

Bryan Cranston, Tracee Ellis Ross, Sam Elliott, Lil Nas X are all among the celebrities you can expect to spot during the telecast on 2 February.

Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch will also make an appearance in a Hyundai spot poking fun at the Boston accent.

Some brands have already unveiled previews of what’s to come on Game Day. Here are the best Super Bowl commercials that have been teased so far:

Bryan Cranston’s The Shining reboot for Mountain Dew

The Breaking Bad star gives Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny!” moment a fresh take in this spot, where he breaks down a bathroom door (in true Shining fashion) only to hand Tracee Ellis Ross a bottle of soda. Terrifying and sugar-free.

Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott’s dance battle

If someone can rock a cowboy outfit, it’s Lil Nas X. In this one-minute clip, the rapper and double Grammy winner competes with Sam Elliott in a dance battle to the sound of his viral hit “Old Town Road”. Elliott has been voicing commercials for years, but this is a rarer on-camera ad for the A Star is Born actor.

John Krasinski, Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch team up

Watch out, Boston – in this one-minute ad, Kraskinski, Evans and Dratch (who are all from Massachusetts) give their best take on the local accent – with even a shout-out from Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz.

Trailblazer Katie Sowers for Microsoft

This year, Sowers will become the first female and the first openly gay coach to work during a Super Bowl. Microsoft will feature her, and her work for the San Francisco 49ers, in this one-minute spot.

Rick and Morty go crunchy

The beloved animated series is dipping into Pringles land to advertise various flavour combinations for the brand. However, the characters seem none-too-pleased with the arrangement – especially Rick, who claims they’re now “trapped in a Pringles commercial”.

A moving spot for Google

Rather than relying on star power, Google is appealing to viewers’ emotions. In this tear-jerking ad, a man uses the Google Assistant to search for memories of his late wife, Loretta.

MC Hammer looks back on old times

It’s been 30 years since MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” was released. To celebrate the hit, Cheetos is featuring the artist in an ad that somehow ties the snack to the song’s infancy. Watch a teaser below.

A touch of Schitt’s Creek for Tide

Charlie Day of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Emily Hampshire, also known as Stevie Budd in Schitt’s Creek, team up for this laundry detergent ad.

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