Survivor 2021 cast: Who are the season 41 contestants and who has been voted off so far?

Season 41 started in September

Sam Moore
Wednesday 17 November 2021 21:05 GMT
Jeff Probst announces Survivor will return for 41st season

Survivor is back on our screens with an entirely new cast of contestants competing for the $1m (£730,000) prize.

Season 41 is, as usual, seeing the cast fending for themselves on a desert island. Viewers avidly watch them having to scourge for food, build shelter and create fires to keep warm and cook.

The show also features a number of challenges that test the cast’s physical and mental abilities.

Whilst there will is a brand new cast of contestants, the one mainstay is host Jeff Probst.

Probst has hosted every season of the show since it debuted in 2000.

The producers of Survivor are also attempting to make the show more diverse after a group of Black former contestants criticised several practises on the show and accused it of not being inclusive enough.

A group called The Black Survivor Alliance formed with the aim to “bring light to our collective experience with implicit bias and racism on and off the show”.

As a result, CBS has pledged that all future seasons of Survivor will feature a cast that is 50 per cent Black, people of colour and indigenous.

On the changes, host and executive producer, Probst, said: “The entire culture is in a beautiful upheaval and our job is to respond to it to make sure that Survivor continues to reflect our culture and our behavior and how we’re interacting with each other. Everything that’s happening is going to inform the future of Survivor.”

Whilst several past seasons have starred returning cast members, season 41 features only new players.

On the new cast, Probst said: “Survivor 41 features a really likeable group of savvy Survivor players and they are in for the most intense, most difficult and most dangerous season we’ve ever done. We know we have the most loyal fans of any show on television, and we are pumped to bring them a new, exciting season of Survivor!”

The 18 cast members for season 41 of Survivor are: Brad Reese (voted off), Danny McCray, David Voce (voted off), Deshawn Radden, Eric Abraham (voted off), Erika Casupanan, Evvie Jagoda, Genie Chen (voted off), Heather Aldret, Jairus Robinson (voted off), Liana Wallace, Naseer, Muttalif, Ricard Foye, Sara Wilson (voted off), Shantel Smith, Sydney Segal (voted off), Tiffany Seely (voted off) and Xander Hastings.

The cast members were originally grouped into three different tribes, Luvu Tribe, Ua Tribe and Yase Tribe.

However, after the Ready to Play Like a Lion episode in late October, three tribes became two colour-coordinated teams before becoming one tribe later on.

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