The Simpsons: Comedian reimagines American show as ‘depressing’ British sitcom

‘Ah, Bartholomew. Out for another day of whimsical japes’

Clémence Michallon
New York City
Wednesday 07 April 2021 07:43

A comedian has reimagined The Simpsons as a British sitcom – and the result is startlingly depressing.

Alasdair Beckett-King, who is English, recently unveiled the clip on Twitter and YouTube.

The video is titled “What if The Simpsons Was British?” and comes with the following description: “What if The Simpsons were a British show? It would be shorter and a lot more depressing.”

The 34-second clip features the imagined counterparts of Bart, Homer, and Marge, all gathered in their kitchen.

“Ah, Bartholomew,” Homer tells his son. “Out for another day of whimsical japes.”

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Bart(holomew) replies: “Do not have a cow, father.”

Homer, in turn, responds: “No, we no longer have a cow, but we still have our pride.”

“Do we, father?” his son asks.

Things escalate from here, with a bust of Winston Churchill falling from the ceiling and Homer strangling his son.

Beckett-King specified on Twitter that he is from England, adding: “Please stop angrily explaining British things to me. I live here too.”

In the US, The Simpsons, a satirical take on American mores, is the longest-running sitcom, having aired since 1989. It’s currently in its 32nd season.

The programme has also established a record as the longest-running animated American series.

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