The Simpsons predicted Lady Gaga's super bowl halftime show in 2012

The Simpsons did it again!

Jack Shepherd
Monday 06 February 2017 09:36 GMT
The Simpsons predicted Lady Gaga's super bowl halftime show in 2012

Throughout The Simpsons long history on air - over 600 episodes have been broadcast so far - the show has eerily predicted the future numerous times.

Famously, the sitcom featured Donald Trump as president of the United States long before Donald Trump actually became President of the United States.

Now, in a slightly less on-the-nose prediction, the creators behind The Simpsons foretold Lady Gaga flying through the air on a harness in an intriguing outfit, something the singer did during her astounding Super Bowl halftime show.

Gaga was in the 2012 episode “Lisa Goes Gaga,” which featured numerous callbacks to Gaga’s already sprawling career. While playing a concert in Springfield, Gaga takes flight from her stage, soaring above the crowd via a harness.

When Gaga took flight during her halftime show, fans quickly realised they had seen the stunt before. Watch a comparison clip below.

During the Super Bowl halftime show, there was also a moment when an army of drones lit up the sky - very much like in another Simpsons episode where drones formed a hat in the sky. (A slight stretch but some Gaga fans have made the comparison to the hat seen on the cover of Joanne.)

Another image from The Simpsons has also been widely shared on social media claiming the show predicted the game's score: however, this is a doctored photograph.

Didn’t catch Gaga’s full half time performance? You can watch the entire thing here.

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