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The Traitors 2024: The 6 biggest revelations from episode 4

All the bombshell moments, awkward conclave convos and heated confrontations that took place during episode four of ‘The Traitors’

Ellie Muir
Wednesday 10 January 2024 22:28 GMT
Traitors exchange tense words after Harry and Paul vote to banish Ash

It truly feels as though nature is healing when Claudia Winkleman is back on our screens wearing tartan while 22 contestants play a game of deception to try and win up to £120,000.

The Traitors has kept BBC viewers waiting five long nights after a tense cliffhanger ended episode three, which left us asking: Who will be eliminated? Nervous Faithful Brian or the cunning Traitor Ash? Or could TV gold, Diane, get thrown out into the cold?

All was revealed on Wednesday night (10 January), when viewers found out who was banished from Ardross Castle, plus a few more gloriously devilish plot twists. So, here are all of the bombshell revelations, awkward moments and (the many) heated confrontations that took place during episode four of The Traitors.

*Spoilers for episode four of The Traitors follow – you have been warned.*

Another faithful is banished

Contestants voted out Faithful Brian (PA)

You may have spent the weekend ruminating over the potential outcomes. Would the nervous Faithful Brian get banished by the round table vote, leaving Traitor Ash to survive and face her fellow Traitors, Paul and Harry, who stabbed her in the back? (Typically, Traitors, even though they’re Traitors, are meant to be loyal to each other).

In a huge plot twist, Faithful Brian was picked by Faithful Anthony, who had the deciding vote in a draw. This left Ash – a Traitor – still in the game, after Traitors Harry and Paul both voted her out. This was the beginning of the end for Ash.

In a confessional, Ash said she was “completely blindsided” by Harry and Paul, who said they will continue to “play dirty”.

Awkward convos in the conclave

When the bedtime bell rang out to summon the Traitors to the conclave, Ash confronted her fellow Traitors and told them that she was “f***ing pissed off,” with Harry and Paul for voting for her during the round table.

Paul tried to explain his reasoning, that he didn’t want to blow his own cover by not voting for Ash. Meanwhile, Harry said he knew that Brian would get voted off anyway, so he put Ash’s name to throw the others off the scent.

The mother-son secret act continues

Diane and Ross on ‘The Traitors’ (BBC)

Viewers were left blindsided by a bombshell plot twist during episode three of The Traitors, when Diane revealed that contestant Ross is her son – and the rest of the contestants have no idea. They kept that act going in episode four and secretly arranged to strategise when everyone went to bed. Ross then revealed he would do anything to keep their relationship private and that it was he who planted seeds to get Sonja banished (in episode two) because he thought she could be onto their secret. Oof!

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Traitor Paul gives an Oscar-winning performance as a Faithful

Paul in ‘The Traitors’ (BBC)

Paul continues to give an impressive performance as a Faithful. At the roundtable, when he was accused of being a Traitor, he dramatically teared up and said he might just leave the game altogether.

However, it seems as though viewers are rooting for his downfall...

The Traitors condemn four people to the dungeon, preparing for their third kill

Claudia announced that Traitors would have to condemn four people to the dungeon, and it could be anyone – including themselves.

The Traitors decided to condemn Faithfuls Andrew and Meg, as well as two of their own, Paul and Ash, to the castle dungeon.

The remaining contestants got suspicious when they worked out that at least one Traitor will likely have put themselves in the dungeon to look good. But there was a plot twist: the winning team in the challenge would decide who to save, taking power out of the Traitors’ hands. The red team who won the challenge – which was entirely made up of Faithfuls – chose to save insurance broker Andrew, who is a Faithful. The Traitors’ plan was foiled!

The Traitors lose control of their act at a chaotic roundtable vote

Ash getting a grilling at the round table (BBC)

Paul’s grand plan to put himself in the dungeon and get saved completely backfired when the Faithfuls decided to save Andrew… and his only choice was to throw Ash under the bus (again). In the end, all three Traitors – Miles, Harry and Paul – decided to turn on Ash to save their own skin. Brutal.

Ash received the most votes at the round table before a bizarre cliffhanger hit the moment before she could reveal that she’s a Traitor. Surely, we know she will leave, since she is, of course, a Traitor?

The Traitors airs Wednesday to Friday on BBC One at 9pm.

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