The Watcher: Netflix viewers condemn ‘horrendous’ ending to new mystery series

‘Officially the worst ending I’ve ever seen,’ one viewer wrote

Louis Chilton
Tuesday 25 October 2022 21:32 BST
The Shocking True Story of Netflix’s The Watcher

Netflix viewers have condemned the ending of the new No 1 series The Watcher.

Based on a true story, the seven-episode series follows a married couple who move into a house in Westfield, New Jersey, and find themselves being harassed by a sinister figure known as The Watcher.

Spoilers follow for the ending of The Watcher...

In the series, the couple (played by Naomie Watts and Bobby Cannavale) seem to have put the mystery to bed when Theodora (Noma Dumezweni), the private detective they had hired, confesses to being The Watcher.

Theodora claims that she was a previous occupant of the house who wanted to get them to move out so she could get back in. However, this is later debunked, as it is revealed that the terminally ill Theodora lied and simply wished to give the family some closure before she died.

The series thus ends with the couple moving out, and the mystery of The Watcher’s identity still unresolved, as it is in real life.

However, Netflix viewers have complained about the lack of resolution on social media, with many branding the ending “disappointing” and “pointless”.

“If you’re thinking of watching The Watcher on Netflix... DON’T,” one person wrote. “The most underwhelming pointless series I have ever seen. Seven hours of my life i will never get back.”

“Just finished The Watcher on Netflix... what a pointless , pointless series. Made absolutely no sense and ending was horrific,” another wrote.

Naomi Watts as Nora Brannock in ‘The Watcher’ (ERIC LIEBOWITZ/NETFLIX)

“If you’re going to start The Watcher on Netflix, don’t. Officially the worst ending I’ve ever seen,” someone else complained.

“If you really wanna piss yourself off…Indulge yourself with The Watcher on Netflix,” another viewer commented. “Wtf was that ending…So much build up for NOTHING. Great acting but not so great show.”

“Just binged The Watcher on Netflix.. awesome plot, horrendous ending,” someone else simply wrote..

The series is available to stream on Netflix now.

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