The Offspring cover ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ from Tiger King’s Joe Exotic

‘Here Kitty Kitty’ references Exotic’s claim that Carole Baskin killed her late husband and fed him to a tiger

Isobel Lewis
Friday 24 April 2020 09:34 BST
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Rock band The Offspring treated fans to a rendition of Joe Exotic’s song about Carole Baskin from Tiger King.

The California-based four piece came together under lockdown to perform a socially distanced version of “Here Kitty Kitty”, the song attributed to Exotic in the Netflix documentary series but actually performed by the Clinton Johnson Band.

With lead vocalist Dexter Holland and guitarist Noodles making a nod to the coronavirus crisis by wearing face masks, drummer Pete Parada is seen playing in a tiger costume while other people dressed as cats join them for the performance.

“Like many of you, we are going a little stir crazy these days and we wanted to do something fun to put a smile on our faces, and hopefully on some of yours too,” the band wrote.

“This song, “Here Kitty Kitty”, was originally by the Clinton Johnson band, and *not* by anyone in that recent documentary we all got caught up in.”

They continued: “The Offspring wives were group texting recently, and while they all agreed that they truly love their husbands, there are times when they’ve absolutely felt like feeding us to the tigers. In that spirit, we hope you enjoy this random song & video.”

“Here Kitty Kitty” references Exotic’s theory that animal rights activist Baskin killed her second husband and fed him to a tiger.

The conservationist has denied any involvement in her former spouse’s disappearance, while titular “tiger king” Exotic is serving a 22-year prison sentence for conspiring to kill Baskin.

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