Polish TV presenter impaled by nail when live magic trick goes wrong

The former talent show contestant initially believed the host was joking about

Jacob Stolworthy
Monday 04 July 2016 09:45 BST

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Despite being typically restricted to forgotten lines or technical difficulties, live television has been known to come with its risks - something the presenter of a live morning breakfast show in Poland learned all too well last week.

Series Question for Breakfast was hosting a magician when co-host Marzena Rogalska agreed to take part in a trick which requires the participant to slam their hand down on a brown paper bag being careful to avoid the one obscuring an upward-sticking nail.

However, in a lapse of judgement, magician Marcin Poloniewicz - a former semi-finalist on Poland's Got Talent - got the bags confused guiding Rogalska to slam her hand directly onto the sharp nail inducing screams and cries of agony.

The shocked guest appeared to initially believe Rogalska was joking about before noticing the nail protruding from the palm of her hand.

After being rushed to hospital, Rogalska later posted a video to Facebook - alongside Poloniewicz and her co-presenter - assuring viewers that her wounds were superficial and that she was okay. She went on to absolve Poloniewicz of any shame.

"He didn't mean for this to happen," she said, with the TV show's website also stating the trick had been rehearsed prior to the live recording.

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