WandaVision director warns some viewers will be ‘disappointed’ by series finale

Matt Shakman revealed that the show’s creators have been keeping up with fan theories

Louis Chilton
Wednesday 03 March 2021 09:53
WandaVision reveals explanation for sitcom reality

The director of WandaVision has revealed that some fans are likely to be “disappointed” by the finale, coming to Disney+ this Friday (5 March).

Matt Shakman, who directed every episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off, also claimed that the show’s writers had been keeping up with fan theories about the show’s twists and characters.

Speaking to Fandom.com, Shakman said: “We all put so much care into creating the show that it’s so wonderful to see so much love and passion coming back from the fans. I love seeing memes and TikTok videos and theories. They’re so creative and wonderful.

“Of course some people will be disappointed that certain theories don’t end up coming to be true – or true in the course of WandaVision. But we pass them around. Please know the cast and crew, we love sharing them. It’s nice to know that your work is being received like that.”

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Since its first episode debuted in January, WandaVision has had fans poring over episodes for clues to what’s really going on.

Some guesses ended up being spot on, such as the reveal that Kathryn Hahn’s character Agatha was in fact a malevolent witch all along.

One of the most popular fan theories posited that the true villain of the series was Mephisto, a powerful demon who has appeared many times in the Marvel Comics universe.

WandaVision will air its final episode on Disney Plus this Friday.

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