WandaVision star Emma Caulfield Ford says she ‘hopes no-one eggs my house’ after finale disappointment

‘It’s tough being the red herring,’ said the actor

Louis Chilton
Sunday 07 March 2021 13:51
WandaVision mid-season trailer

WandaVision star Emma Caulfield Ford has responded to the series finale, in which several fan theories about her character were proven false.

Caulfield played Dottie in the Disney+Marvel spin-off, a neighbour of Wanda and Vision who is involved heavily in the series’ second episode.

Her appearance led fans to speculate that her character was in fact pulling the strings behind Westview’s supernatural anomaly, and could in fact be the evil villain known as Mephisto in disguise.

However, it was revealed in WandaVision’s seventh episode that Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) was in fact the overall villain, and the finale (out earlier this week) proved Dottie was nothing more than an innocent victim of the “Hex”.

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Speaking to the Still Watching podcast, Caulfield said (per Comic Book):“It was impossible for people to not be disappointed! I’m trying not to feel disingenuous, but knowing full well [their theories were] just so far removed from the truth. That’s tough, being the red herring. Again, I hope no one eggs my house.

“It was very intended to have me show up in that fashion,” she added. “Calculate is not the right word but it’s purposeful. You’re not going to have me show up and, and immediately think there’s nothing to my being there. It’s obviously going to pull in a similar fan base [to Buffy]. That was intended.”

Caufield is best known for playing Anya the vengeance demon on the classic sci-fi series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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