Westworld season 4: Release date, trailer, cast and everything we know so far

There is plenty more of the sci-fi mystery to come

Sam Moore
Thursday 22 July 2021 15:15
Westworld: Season 3 Trailer

Ever since the third season of Westworld finished its run on HBO and Sky Atlantic last May, fans have been desperate for more information on the future of the show.

With the season three finale ending on yet another dramatic twist, the sci-fi mystery series has had fans waiting intensely for a fourth run, especially with creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy teasing that it will be the last.

There are a myriad of storylines in the show and a large ensemble cast similar to Game of Thrones, meaning there is a lot to wrap up if season four is indeed Westworld’s last outing.

Whilst the first season received record breaking viewing figures and wide acclaim, the show has since proved to be very divisive amongst fans and critics because of its layered storytelling, complex plotting and non-lineal timeline.

Here is everything we know about the fourth season.

When will it be released?

Whilst production is in motion, there is not yet a confirmed release date for Westworld season four.

Given that there has been a two-year gap between each season, it is not expected to be on screens until the spring of 2022.

When it does air, it will be available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK and HBO in the US.

Who will return?

Given the nature of Westworld, where a large number of characters are androids, fates are not as final as they are on other shows. A staple of the series has been characters being killed and then promptly returning in a different robot body a few episodes later.

That said, Evan Rachel Wood, who has been with the show from the start, will not be in season four after her character, Dolores, was killed and Nolan confirmed to Variety that “Dolores is gone”.

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But, in typical Westworld fashion, that doesn’t mean Wood can’t return at some point, either as Dolores or as another character.

Other casualties from the previous season include Serac, the villain played by French actor Vincent Cassell, and Ed Harris’s William, who met a grisly end at the hands of Tessa Thompson’s Halores.

Like Wood, however, Harris could always return at a later date and has been a part of the show since the start.

Actors joining Thompson in returning for the fourth season include Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Aaron Paul, Luke Hemsworth, Simon Quarterman and Rodrigo Santoro.

There will be a new face heading to Westworld with Prodigal Son actor, Aurora Perrineau, signed up for a recurring role.

What is it about?

Information regarding the plot of season four is scarce but Nolan and Joy have insisted that they have had a rough idea for the show all along.

The end of the third season raised more questions than answers and fans are eager to discover the true fates of Dolores, William and Bernard, who popped up in an post credits teaser in the last episode.

Regarding the future of the series, HBO president of programming, Casey Bloys, says: "From the western theme park to the technocratic metropolis of the near future, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every twist and turn. We can’t wait to see where their inspired vision takes us next."

Are there trailers to watch?

As yet, there are no available trailers for season four.

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