Who is America? Sacha Baron Cohen puts Dick Cheney-signed waterboard kit on Ebay

'This is a professional grade piece of military hardware'

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 24 July 2018 10:49 BST
Dick Cheney signing a water board from Who is America?

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new series Who is America? has been winning applause from across the political spectrum, the comedian’s interviews making headlines around the world.

The second episode saw Cohen interview Dick Cheney, the former Vice President, the pair talking about waterboarding (Cheney supports the use of waterboarding as an “enhanced interrogation method”).

After questions about Dick and George Bush’s time in power, Cohen’s character, Eran Morad, eventually hands over a waterboarding kit for Cheney to sign, the politician obliging and adding that the kit would now be ”very valuable.”

Cohen obviously saw the opportunity to make some quick money (and score the show more publicity), as the signed kit has since appeared on Ebay, one person bidding upwards of $4,000 on the item.

The kit was removed from the auction website but has since been brought back online (here). Cohen has confirmed that he was responsible for making the listing under the name Ermo43 – a reference to the ”Israeli anti-terrorism expert” character.

“Here is a rare opportunity to own a WATER BOARD BOTTLE SIGNED BY the Godfather of the sport – American war hero and all-round mensch, VICE-PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY,” the listing read, according to Deadline.

“Unlike the cheap domestic water board kits you can buy on Amazon, this is a professional grade piece of military hardware. Fully functioning, it have seen many hours active use by me, both on the frontline of the War on Terror and also in my own home, where it has proved very effective at keeping my son, Eyal, in line. Indeed, if you too live in a bungalow, water boarding is a great alternative to the ‘naughty step’.

“The bottle is made from Military Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), meaning that as well as Water Boarding, it can also be used to Dr. Pepper Board, Clorox Board or even Urine Board potential terrorists or annoying neighbours.”

All proceeds from the sale would have gone to Amnesty International, the seller also offering a “money back guarantee – if this does not prevent your next major terrorist attack, return to us for full refund.”

The episode featuring Cheney aired last night in the UK on Channel 4. Read The Independent‘s review here.

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