Will Mellor says he felt ‘horrendous’ after receiving Covid vaccine

Will Mellor says he felt ‘horrendous’ and walked ‘like an 80-year-old man’ after receiving Covid vaccine

Actor’s Two Pints co-star Ralf Little commented that he’d also suffered day-long ‘wipe out’ following jab

Adam White@__adamwhite
Tuesday 27 April 2021 10:11

Will Mellor has said he felt “horrendous” and walked “like an 80-year-old man” after receiving his Covid-19 vaccine.

The Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps star posted a bedridden video to his Instagram yesterday (26 April) in which he complained of aches and pains.

“I had the Covid jab yesterday, and I feel absolutely horrendous,” he said, while adding that he could “barely” lift his head from his pillow.

He continued: “My arms are like lead, I’ve got aching bones, my back’s aching. It’s literally like I’ve got the full blown flu. When I try and walk, it’s like I’m an 80-year-old man. I’m not joking. It’s horrendous.”

Mellor added that his momentary physical state is a common side effect of receiving the jab.

“Obviously not everybody’s gonna get it like this, but just to let you know, it’s a possibility,” he said. “So if you get the jab, don’t plan anything the day after just in case.”

Mellor received support from a number of celebrities in his Instagram comments, including from his Two Pints co-star Ralf Little.

“I was the same mate,” Little wrote. “Wiped out for 24 hours. Then it was gone, like nothing had happened.”

Comedian Keith Lemon added: “Yep I felt like s*** afterwards.”