Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank is finally a reality

The first TV adaptation of an Alan Partridge quote

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 20 August 2015 10:40 BST

“Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank”, Alan Partridge’s timeless idea for a TV show put forward during a meltdown, has finally been commissioned (sort of), with a trailer dropping for the first series this morning.

The boxer confessed to having no idea why people kept asking him about youth hostels up until last week, leading to legions of Partridge fans rushing to fill him in. Eubank is now in the know, and has filmed a pilot for the surreal property show.

Of course, it’s all a stunt for booking site Hostelworld, but this doesn’t make me love it any less - somewhere, somehow, a PR executive convinced their boss to blow their budget on an adaptation of an Alan Partridge quote. God bless 2015.

Eubank is seen visiting some really quite charming hostels in the trailer, critiquing them and inquiring as to their Wi-Fi passwords.

“Up until recently, I really had no idea why people used to mention hostels to me and smile,” he commented.

“Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank is now a reality, and I'm glad Hostelworld have given me this great opportunity to finally get in on the joke 18 years after Alan Partridge pitched it.”

Hostelworld said the show is ‘coming soon (maybe)’, and I really hope they stick with it.

Now we just need a network to get behind Inner City Sumo and Dogs on Fogle.


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