Peep Show: 5 times Jeremy was a terrible human being

These are just some clips of Jeremy Usborne's worst (or best) moments

Charlie Atkin
Tuesday 10 November 2015 16:34 GMT
5 times Jez was the worst

It's certainly hard and possibly unfair to limit Robert Webb's perennial under-achiever to just five moments of complete moral or sexual depravity. Ahead of Wednesday's premiere for the final series of Peep Show here is an attempt to whittle Jez's worst (or best) moments down to five.

5. Jez steals Barney's music

'The Big Beat Manifesto' was clearly a principle tenet in how Jeremy and Super Hans approached their musical careers, what it did not seem to include though was any stance on the copyright of friends' future relatives.

"Listening to this it did make me think, lately, I've been having some ideas and this is exactly the sort of thing that I was thinking of doing."

4. Jez pays a visit to the sperm bank

Resorting to the contents of your wallet in order to fulfill this sort of establishment's aims, is surely never a good decision. Not even Elgar's judgemental face seems to impress upon Jeremy the sordidness of his behaviour (not much usually does though to be fair).

3. Jez can't hold it in

Although Mark takes plenty of the blame in this one for refusing to let Jeremy leave the balcony they have decided to hide in, Jez's willingness to relieve himself doesn't exactly come out smelling of roses either (definitely not roses).

2. Jez eats a dog

This one speaks for itself really. Poor Mummy.

1. Jez sleeps with Sophie's Mum

Whenever Mark is doing something of actual importance to his own life, of course Jeremy is inadvertently causing chaos behind the scenes. No more so than when Mark tries to impress the father of his future bride while Jez partakes in a rather jammy affair with said bride's mother.

Mark: "You're a piece of work aren't you, I'm down the pub putting the hours in with the Dad and you're back at the house banging the Mum. That is not a good impression."

Jeremy: "I dunno, I think I made a pretty good impression..."

Mark: "Jeremy please, don't smile like that. You're not James Bond, you're disgusting."

Jeremy: I am James Bond.

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