Piers Morgan mocked for Big Narstie impression on Good Morning Britain

'Morgan made me cringe trying to be all cool'

Maya Oppenheim@mayaoppenheim
Thursday 18 January 2018 14:00
Piers Morgan makes Good Morning Britain colleagues cringe with Big Narstie impression

Piers Morgan’s impression of much-loved grime artist Big Narstie has left viewers less than impressed.

The controversial presenter has been lambasted as “cringe” and “embarrassing” for trying to emulate the London rapper’s weather forecast segment on Good Morning Britain.

Morgan, who presents the ITV show, tried to mimic Big Narstie’s Brixton twang but wound up sounding Scottish instead.

The host, who is also editor-at-large of the US Mail Online and famed for his deliberately controversial views, said: “Deres a bag of snow up in Scotland”.

This led co-host Susanna Reid to shake her head in shock and weather presenter Alex Beresford to chime in: “You should never, ever... Don’t ever do that again”.

But his co-presenter’s responses did little to stop Morgan from continuing to attempt to emulate the rapper who has become something of an internet personality over the years.

"How does he do it? Bag of snow in Scotland,” Morgan said.

In response, co-presenter Kate Garraway quipped: “Not like that”.

While Reid said “you sound like you’re in Scotland”, Beresford weighed in to say: “You sound like an embarrassing dad - that’s exactly what you sound like.”

Viewers mocked Morgan for his attempt to mimic the grime star.

“Morgan made me cringe trying to be all cool and s***!! Big Narstie’s not stupid, he knows what Morgan is,” said one Twitter user.

“Big Narstie is coming for your job,” added another.

“Trying to be down with the kids,” said one more.

Big Narstie, who started his career in 2002 as a member of grime crew N-Double-A, embarked on an unexpected incursion into meteorology on the ITV show.

The rapper had co-hosts and viewers in stitches after his segment included advice on the clothing people should be wearing to stay warm in cold climes. He also announced it was “peak times” – slang for not good – for the weather in Edinburgh.

He appeared alongside usual weather presenter Ms Beresford who relished in announcing it has always been Big Narstie’s dream "to do the weather live on TV".

Big Narstie has branched away from music in recent years and even appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox alongside Ed Sheeran and Example and as a panellist on 2017's Big Fat Quiz of the Year

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