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Thursday 10 June 2010 00:00 BST

"The essence of Doctor Who has shifted from scary monsters to how trendy he has become and how raunchy his assistants are... The latest Doctor looks as if he could not blow the froth from a pint of beer let alone battle waves of scary monsters."

Ciaran Rehill

"After an inconsistent start, this series is finding its gear. Last week's Vincent and the Doctor was a tender, reflective episode that cleverly explored issues around the things we sometimes can't see that others can, together with the search for meaning and identity... The Doctor can't see the monster, Vincent can't see his own talent, Amy is blinded to her recent unknown bereavement, and the fact that his own artistic hero has just embraced him is lost on Bill Nighy. The Doctor's visit to the gallery to show Vincent the lasting influence of his work was charming and touching, highlighting the Doctor's recurring trait of wanting to show people the best of themselves, and to believe in their own ability."

Simon James

"We have to expect to suspend disbelief with some dramas, particularly when the subject matter is time travel or magic, but this should not be an invitation to actors, or programme makers for that matter, to be lazy in their portrayal of historical figures. It is fortunate then, that Tony Curran's Vincent van Gogh in the latest episode was still convincing, not least because of his physical resemblance to the great man. So pronounced was the character's Scottish accent, that the writers obviously felt compelled to insert the line, "Are you Dutch like me?", to explain that the painter did not hail from a Glasgow suburb."

Nigel Randell

"I liked it, but that doesn't really matter as I am in my 40s and outside the target market. My little boy loved it and can now recognise a Van Gogh painting when he sees one, so I'd say it was a success!"

Joe Bauwens

"I cried like a baby during last Saturday's episode."

Lee Mackey

"It was dreadful! And the thought of talentless James Cordon in the next one fills me with even more dread. I will not be watching. Such a shame as Matt Smith is developing into a viable Doctor, almost as good as Christopher Eccleston. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for his 'supporting' cast."

James Moran-ZiEtek

"As for the Doctor, well I'm afraid the previous one has my heart in his pocket."

Sulaiman Lanny

"There's a fantastic sense of fun and adventure which usually you'd only get in children's TV."

Sarah Binney

"I fully appreciate what the Beeb has done. Although a regular Doctor Who fan, I was particularly keen to see the Vincent van Gogh episode as I am a young artist struggling with the toils of its lifestyle. The programme's refreshing portrayal of the world has deepened my outlook. No doubt it has done the same for others."

Rob Reed

"Probably last Saturday's was the best episode of the series... for once his irritating assistant kept her rather loud, hammy personality under wraps."

Scarlett Dee

"My favourite Doctor was Christopher Eccleston, but Matt Smith is a strong contender for the best yet... Long may the series continue."

Buffy Ashford

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