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Culture Club: Sherlock, Sunday, BBC1

Readers review this week's TV drama

Thursday 05 August 2010 00:00 BST

"There were enough differences to show the creativity of the writers, without betraying Conan Doyle. The words of Sherlock's texts appearing on screen was a nice device. And a real gem was the incident of the girl's lipstick, which let us feel that here, at least, we got the plot more quickly than Holmes did. And I'd go out of my way to watch anything with Benedict Cumberbatch in it, he's a brilliant actor."

Rosemary Mathew

"It's brilliant. Best drama the BBC has done in years. London looks amazing... I can't wait for the finale next week!"

Fi Kennedy

"I love how it brings Sherlock's hidden logic and thinking to the surface by visualising it. And as a pair, they complement each other perfectly."

Ozlem Tuncil

"First episode of new series looked promising. But Dr Watson is better than Sherlock Holmes in my opinion."

Jaroslaw Zielinski

"The BBC have been able to hide their budget very well with the way they have churned out mediocre dramas in the past, making everyone think they have no money to create worthwhile viewing and making me feel like my licence fee has gone to waste, having to turn to drama on Channel 4 etc. Now they have no excuse. Sherlock has blown me away more than most Hollywood movies on £50m budgets and from now on, I will be expecting more of the same top-quality drama that they have surprised me with after last Sunday and the previous episode. I hope this is a taste of things to come from the BBC."

Alex Philpott

"It's good that Cumberbatch's Sherlock can resort to nicotine patches. I'm not sure he'd be able to sit still for long enough to smoke a pipe. Like all retellings of the Holmes stories, this 21st-century take relies on a series of sleights of hand, but all are delivered at such dazzling pace that one admires their panache rather than objects to their contrivance."

Miranda Kiek

"There is a person in the world named Benedict Cumberbatch? For real?"

Meredith K Tips-McLaine

"Can't see the fuss. Sherlock is BORING... typical BBC rubbish."

Alex Fraser

"I can see the Moffat touch coming through and almost expected the Tardis to materialise at one point. Well worth watching."

Theresa Marshall

"Winning combination of writers Moffat and Gatiss, who gave the new Doctor Who series its credentials!"

Carl Kirby

"Cumberbatch brings an otherworldliness to the Holmes persona due to his slightly alien appearance, reactions and movements."

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Colin-Ray Hunter

"Some just like to moan, repeating clichés about the BBC."

Tonia Kazakopoulou

"Holmes keeps just the right amount of realism around him so as not to be too irritating and Watson is just loveable, full stop."

Chiara Giovanni

"Doctor Who, minus the gadgets. Not sure that it really needs the post-watershed time spot. In fact, given a few tweaks, it could adequately fill a certain Time Lord-shaped gap on a Saturday evening."

Barry Sullivan

"I got rid of my TV about six months ago and have vowed never to own one again. TV blows."

Kimberlee Ponson

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