Will The L Word reboot fill the need for lesbian representation on our TV screens?

Criticised over the years for its narrow characterisation of lesbianism and failure to properly address transphobia, the new series has fresh scope for a more and inclusive depiction of the LGBT+ community, writes Sirena Bergman

Wednesday 06 March 2019 10:42
‘The L Word’ was the main cultural touchstone for an entire community 15 years ago
‘The L Word’ was the main cultural touchstone for an entire community 15 years ago

A few minutes into episode one of The L Word, it’s easy to forget there’s anything extraordinary about it: a group of impossibly attractive friends in perfect mid-2000s fashion sit around in a trendy coffee shop all day; a wealthy couple work through their struggles to conceive; a young ingenue moves to LA, and blinded by the bright lights of the big city starts to question her long-term relationship when she meets a seductive stranger.

Of course, The L Word isn’t ordinary, and even watching it today – 15 years after it first premiered, in a time when the LGBT+ community has more visibility than ever before – it still feels unusual to see a television show which revolves around queer women.

Being the main cultural touchstone for an entire community of people across the western world, with a vast diversity of backgrounds, experiences and identities, is a tough cross to bear at the best of times, but The L Word in particular has not aged gracefully.

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