633 Squadron

Directed by Walter Grauman

Thursday 06 March 2008 16:43 GMT

633 Squadron (1964) has enjoyed an unqualified string of successes. Their luck changes when they are assigned to bomb a German rocket fuel plant, in Norway which is guarded by heavy anti-aircraft defences, and the plant is considered bomb-proof. Their nearly impossible mission is further complicated by a German air raid, the difficult approach to the target and the capture and torture of the underground leader who is assisting the squadron.


Walter Grauman


Frederick E. Smith (Novel)

James Clavell (Screenplay)

Howard Koch (Screenplay)


Cliff Robertson … Wing Cmdr. Roy Grant

George Chakiris … Lt. Erik Bergman

Maria Perschy … Hilde Bergman

Harry Andrews … Air Vice Marshal Davis

Donald Houston … Group Capt. Don Barrett

Michael Goodliffe … Squadron Leader Frank Adams

John Meillon … Flight Lt. Gillibrand

John Bonney … Flight Lt. Scott

Angus Lennie … Flying Officer Hoppy Hopkinson

John Church … Flying Officer Evans

Barbara Archer … Rosie the barmaid at Black Swan Inn

Sean Kelly … Lt. Nigel

Julian Sherrier … Flight Lt. Singh

Geoffrey Frederick … Flight Lt. Frank

Suzan Farmer … WAAF Sgt. Mary Blake / Bissell

Johnny Briggs … Lt Jones


  • The German "fighters" were actually 4-seat Messerschmitt 108 "Taifuns," painted to look like Me-109 fighters.
  • Cliff Robertson, an accomplished pilot, wanted to buy one of the Mosquitoes after filming had finished, as he was so impressed with the type. He was not permitted to do this but he later bought a Spitfire Mk IX which he owned until the late 1990s.

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