The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

Directed by Blake Edwards

Monday 03 March 2008 12:30 GMT

Now seriously mentally ill after working with Clouseau for such a long time, Inspector Dreyfus escapes from the mental asylum he was being held in and vows to destroy Clouseau forever. He kidnaps an eminent scientist and forces him to build a machine capable of destroying the world, with the intention of doing so unless Clouseau is delivered to him. Meanwhile oblivious to the danger he faces, Jacques Clouseau is currently only worried about not letting his manservant, Cato, get the better of him...


Blake Edwards


Blake Edwards

Frank Waldman


Peter Sellers … Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau

Herbert Lom … Former Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus

Lesley-Anne Down … Olga Bariosova

Burt Kwouk … Cato Fong

Colin Blakely … Section Director Alec Drummond

Leonard Rossiter … Superintendent Quinlan

André Maranne … Sgt. François Chevalier (as Andre Maranne)

Byron Kane … Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

Dick Crockett … President Gerald Ford

Richard Vernon … Professor Hugo Fassbender

Briony McRoberts … Margo Fassbender

Dudley Sutton … Hugh McClaren


  • During the opening credits, one of the movies parodied is The Sound of Music (1965), which starred Blake Edwards' wife, Julie Andrews

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