We ask the questions (such as: You no longer take drugs or drink to excess. So, Boy George, name your vice)

Sunday 23 October 2011 08:19

How did you feel about playing the Albert Hall last night?

It wasn't my first time, but it can be a stuffy venue. That's why I always kick off with an array of in ya face hits. It always gets people in the mood. I try to do one London show every year, whether I have product out or not. Having been on a nightmare schedule with Culture Club of album, tour, album, tour, I now refuse to work like a well-oiled machine.

How do you feel when you hear "Karma Chameleon"?

I used to despise it but I now view it with great affection. It's not easy to write something that stays at No 1 for seven weeks. In many ways it was the nail in Culture Club's coffin, but it paid for my beautiful house. I call it "Karma comedian".

What is your opinion of George Michael now that he is "out"?

I think he will become a better artist and a happier person, once he gets over the embarrassment. Life in the closet is grim and those of us in the creative industries have an obligation to be honest and forward thinking. Sadly, the incident in the public loo gives bigots the opportunity to point the finger and say that all gays are depraved and sex mad. Some of us are deeply romantic.

You once said you would never sleep with a woman, but you want a baby when the time is right. Is that time getting closer?

I have considered children but I think adoption would be the best option because I could never commit to a hetero, or bi, relationship. It wouldn't be fair. I have incredible intimacy with women but I prefer men sexually. I accept that heterosexuality is part of me, just as everyone has a bit of queer in them, but it's a line I choose not to cross.

You no longer take drugs or drink to excess. So name your vice.

I still smoke but I have just given up alcohol. It's been three weeks and as I DJ almost every night; it's a triumph. People love to force booze on you; I guess tragedy always loves a hostage.

I don't have too many vices these days as I'm very careful about what I eat. My vice must be men. I could never give them up and I love to flirt. But my worst vice is arguing. I've always had an authority complex.

Who do you think is more benign: Jesus, Krishna or Buddha?

I guess they are all equal. I think one can learn so much by exploring all faiths but religion is like wearing black tie. One has to use a bit of interpretation and be selective. Great truths are universal and often too simple to grasp. Take what you need and question everything. Change is the only constant and religion does not always accommodate change.

When did you last cry, and what about?

The last time I really cried was when my brother was arrested for manslaughter, but, to be honest, I cry very easily. Tragedies on the news, hunger, ethnic cleansing, rape, Aids, there is so much to cry about.

If you were going to be cast on to a desert island and you could take your make-up bag, your CD player or your boyfriend, which would you choose?

If I had a lover then of course I'd choose him over anything domestic. I could never live without human contact. A make-up bag or a CD player would never do. A desert island on my own would be like prison, however beautiful it was.

Do you still have tea with Marilyn?

We never drank tea in the old days but Marilyn will always be part of my life because we are sisters under the skin. He has a very self-destructive nature, but I know how wounded he is and that makes me love him. All deserted children have an unbearable cross to bear, and there are so many of us out there.

What would you have built to celebrate the millennium?

I think the Dome is a disgusting waste of money. The cash should be spent on homes for the homeless. How can we have national pride when there are thousands of kids sleeping rough in the shadow of Buckingham palace?

Do you regret what you wrote about having an affair with Kirk Brandan in your autobiography, "Take It Like A Man"?

I regret that Kirk had to make a fool of himself and there was no real joy in winning. He was after my money and he got what he deserved. If he had asked for financial help, I would have obliged, but he tried to crucify me publicly and brand me a liar and it cost me pounds 60,000. What's more, if I had written about sleeping with a woman, I would have been slapped on the back, not taken to court.

Who or what do you despise most?

I don't really despise anyone. Homophobics and racists bother me but I realise that these things are a form of self-hatred. When you hate yourself or have no control over your emotions you have to find something or someone worse than yourself.

Who or what do you love most?

I love my family and my sister, Siobhan, especially, because we are very close. I love Amanda, my best mate, Draguna and Simon, Michael and Phillip Salon, whom I've known for ever. There is an endless list of people I love and value dearly. I'm very lucky to have so many good friends.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I'd have a square chin and longer legs, but to be honest I'm quite happy with who I am.

I wish I had more self-control where eating is concerned, and more patience.

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