Sunday 24 November 1996 00:02 GMT

Main Claim: Hubby of Pamela Anderson, pneumatic siren of the Malibu waves. Actually, soon to be ex-husband: she filed for divorce this week on grounds of "irreconcilable differences", and his conjugal claims on her silicon charms are now off-limits. Almost forgot, Lee is also "drummer" for crap metal band Motley Crue.

Appearance: West Hollywood rock-prat. Member of Aerosmith tribute band. Cliched, cable TV-type "wild rocker". Nicknamed T-Bone as he is reputed to have a large penis. Said member has, for time being, Pamela's name tattooed on it.

Offspring: Brandon, born in June this year. Cited as the key reason for break-up, as post-partum Pammy is not able to give Tommy the thrice- daily trailer romps to which he feels entitled. Opportunist Lee wanted to put wee Brandon to work sharpish - modelling, infomercials, whatever. He managed to get Brandon in a magazine shoot wearing leathers and holding a cigar. "Exploitative," fumed Pam, who harbours an animal fear that bandits will kidnap the celebrity rug-rat.

Malibu Babylon: Exhibitionist love affair punctuated by public bust- ups. The couple's media-thon was given a boost by a video of themselves having sex - in their car and at home. His idea. Pammy thought it cool at time but now she's kinda pissed. And the wild sex life has gone downhill. "Let's put it this way," said Pam's childhood friend, Linda Rightman, "the trapeze over the piano is no longer in use."

Temper, temper: Big man Lee threatened to turn his pump-action shotgun on two camera crews this year, and is also facing charges of felling a photographer outside LA's Viper Rooms, and could yet be jailed for it. Has also torn Pam's Baywatch trailer apart, threatened her with a gun, and taken on a chap in a club who was schmoozing her.

Nuptials: Before his marriage (bride and groom wore swimwear) to Pammy, Lee was married to Melrose Place actress Heather Lockyear. "All the time I was saying `this is a mistake'," recalled Lockyear of their eight- year marriage.

Career: Tommy now wants to get back to the stadium-stomping lifestyle. Alternatively, he could live off settlement. Pam is trying to avoid giving him a cent but he may already have the Malibu mansion, which she foolishly signed over.

Now what?: Destined for life of cartoon depravity - choose between tequila slammers, drug cocktails, porno starlets - in Hollywood hills. More sad- ass than bad-ass.

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