Indian actor, 35, dies from Covid after appeals for help and heartbreaking farewell message

‘I am posting this because I am very helpless,’ Vohra wrote in a Facebook post

Peony Hirwani@peony_hirwani
Monday 10 May 2021 13:24

India: Bodies of Covid patients left in empty ICU after hospital runs out of oxygen

Indian actor Rahul Vohra died due to Covid-19 complications a day after sharing a heartbreaking farewell note on Facebook that said he “could have been saved if he received proper treatment.”

The 35-year-old YouTube star was admitted to the Rajeev Gandhi super speciality hospital in Tahirpur in India’s capital of New Delhi.

On Saturday, theatre director Arvind Gaur announced the death of the actor in a message.

“Rahul Vohra is gone, my talented actor is no more. It was only yesterday that he told me his life could have been saved if he got a better treatment. He was shifted to Ayushman, Dwarka, last evening but we could not save him. Please forgive us, we are all your culprits. My last respects,” he wrote.

Prior to his death, Vohra had pleaded for help in another Facebook post on 4 May.

He wrote: “I am Covid positive. I am admitted for 4 days but no recovery. Is there any hospital where I can get an oxygen bed because my oxygen level is dipping here? There is no one to take care of me.”

“I am posting this because I am very helpless. Because the people at home are not able to handle anything,” he wrote.

Screenshot of late Rahul Vohra pleading for help in a Facebook post

Following the news, actor Bharat Pandit took to social media to say: “Rahul Vohra is no more. After hearing from Ratnesh and reading your post, I have repeatedly called and texted you, brother. But you did not answer.”

“I learnt from Rahul Sharma that you have been shifted to another hospital. Sharma called me to inform me this morning that what you wrote in your post has come true. Om Shanti (Rest in peace).”

India has reported an all-time high of 412,262 new infections last week with 3,980 deaths. The total fatalities stand at 2,40,116 this week with 3.7 million active cases.

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