Leopard comes face to face with cat after both fall down well

Even as the leopard was rescued and released in its natural habitat, the netizens were curious to know the fate of the cat

Maroosha Muzaffar
Friday 10 September 2021 10:17
Leopard comes face to face with cat after both fall down well
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A dramatic video of a face-off between a leopard and a house cat, that fell into a well in an Indian city, has taken the internet by storm.

The intense battle between the two felines trapped inside a well in a village in Nashik, a city in western Maharashtra, was captured on a video.

A forest department official said the animals were rescued safely from the well hours later on Monday.

Officials said that the two fell in the well following a chase. The leopard fell while chasing the cat, Pankaj Garg, Deputy Conservator of Forests, West Nashik Division, was quoted as saying in the local media.

“It was later rescued and released in its natural habitat.”

Locals said that the well is about 25 to 30 feet deep and that the two animals were rescued with the help of a crane late on Sunday evening by the forest department officials.

The incident took place in Kankori village in Nashik. Villagers said they could hear the leopard’s roars coming out of the well on early Sunday morning and informed the forest department.

The video showed the leopard jumping out of the water to charge towards the cat. Its face can be seen just a few inches away from the feline.

But the cat doesn’t run away.

On the internet, several users made memes and jokes about the leopard versus cat face-off. Many asked about the fate of the cat.

One user said: “Nobody cares about what happened to the cat.... So always become a leopard in life.”

The video shows the cat standing up to the leopard and several users noticed that. One commented: “This cat is braver than a lot of humans :)”

Another said: “Whatever the fate of the cat at least she stood up to the tiger and that's what that matters.”

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