Scarily authentic new deep fake of Tom Cruise attracts millions of views

‘Reality is becoming mutable’

Peony Hirwani
Thursday 27 May 2021 17:02 BST
TikToker creates scarily realistic Tom Cruise deepfakes
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A ‘scarily authentic-looking’ new deep fake video of Tom Cruise showing the 58-year-old Mission Impossible actor addressing the Tik Tok community about industrial clean-up has become a viral sensation.

The deep fake says: “I do a lot of my stunts, but I also do a lot of industrial clean up. It’s important. So, obviously, you keep your hands clean but you really need that exfoliating product to cut through the grind.”

“Just another tip for you Tokers,” he added.

Many Reddit users have called Cruise’s videos terrifying.

Tik Tok user Deep Tom Cruise (@deeptomcruise) has created not just one, but many videos of the American actor in the past.

One user wrote on Reddit: “This sh*t is actually terrifying. I have no doubt it’s already been used nefariously and we haven’t even realised it.”

“It will get dangerous when they can fake military leaders and politicians easily saying dangerous things. Fraud will get bad when your grandson video calls you from jail needing $200 to get out. We need to prevent the bad stuff that comes with this,” added another user.

Comment from Reddit about Tom Cruise deep fake

Another person said: “We’re gonna grow up to see all human voices and faces become interchangeable and commoditised, aren’t we? We thought we were gonna get flying cars, but we’re going to get complete disassociation of personal identity instead.”

A separate user commented on how deep fakes can be the most “frightening thing that could ruin our politics in the future”.

“Legitimately the most frightening thing that could ruin our politics in the future. Who's to say that you couldn’t deep fake leaders saying crazy sh*t, or on the opposite end get leaders on camera saying crazy sh*t and not be able to do anything about it thanks to deep fakes. Like in the next decade this will be the worst thing in political debate,” the user wrote.

One said, “I think this too. This is horrifying. Reality is becoming mutable.”

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