The new coronavirus bug: Insect named after deadly virus

Moth-like caddisfly species found in Kosovo river has been named to draw a parallel between the impact of the pandemic and pollution, reports Joe Sommerlad

Tuesday 20 April 2021 21:23
<p>‘Potamophylax coronavirus’, the new species of caddisfly</p>

‘Potamophylax coronavirus’, the new species of caddisfly


biologist studying river basins in Kosovo has discovered a new species of insect and seized the moment to name it after the coronavirus.

Professor Halil Ibrahimi christened the species of caddisfly “Potamophylax coronavirus” after identifying it in the country’s equally well-named Bjeshket e Nemuna (“Accursed Mountains”) national park.

There are approximately 14,500 described species of caddisfly, which are small moth-like insects with two pairs of hairy membranous wings.

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