Innocent Drinks advert investigated ‘after greenwashing complaint’

Characters sing about ‘fixing up the planet’ and make smoothies from apples in clip

Zoe Tidman
Thursday 03 February 2022 14:29 GMT
<p>Innocent Drinks is subject to an investigation by advertising watchdog</p>

Innocent Drinks is subject to an investigation by advertising watchdog

Innocent Drinks have reportedly been accused of greenwashing in a complaint to a watchdog over claims buying their smoothies can help the environment.

The Advertising Standards Authority is finalising an investigation into an advert from the company.

It reportedly centres on a TV clip that has cartoon characters singing about “fixing up the planet” and recycling while drinking Innocent smoothies

The Little Drinks, Big Dreams ad shows people in a boat sailing towards a cliff edge while singing about destroying the planet, before changing their tune. They return to land and press apples from trees to make smoothies.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle. ‘Cause there is no planet B. If we’re looking after nature, she’ll be looking after me,” the song in the advert says.

Plastics Rebellion, a campaign group whose members occupied the Innocent offices in London last summer, have complained to ASA about the advert, according toThe Guardian.

“Greenwashing is dangerous – in the case of Innocent it’s one thing to hide your ecocidal practices, that’s bad enough, but to go to the next level and pretend you’re ‘fixing up the planet’ is far worse,” Matt Palmer from Plastics Rebellion is reported as saying by the newspaper.

“It means that people will willingly – and unwittingly – opt in to support your project in the belief that they are doing good for the planet.”

Plastics Rebellion also reportedly claimed Innocent created 32,000 plastic bottles an hour.

Innocent Drinks says its plastic smoothie bottles are 100 per cent recyclable and it aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The company has been contacted for comment.

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