The 10 Best eco cleaners

Keep your house clean and protect the environment at the same time with this range of chemical-free products

Samuel Muston
Tuesday 08 May 2012 00:00 BST

1. Ecover toilet cleaner


May tear through limescale and attack bacteria, but it goes quite easy on the environment, using things like citric acid and xanthan gum, not the heavy-duty stuff you usually find in cleaners.

2. Ecoleaf non biological washing powder


Won't last long if you have a large family (the pack is good for 18 washes) but when it comes to being eco-friendly it's top-notch. A pleasant summery aroma.

3. Natural and Clean carpet and upholstery cleaner


Remove those nasty wine or food stains with this gentle foaming carpet cleaner. It's PH-neutral, made from plant extract, so is fully biodegradable.

4. E-Stain eco stain remover


Heavy stains mean heavy chemicals, right? Well not with this stain-removing liquid. Just squeeze on a lump of the phosphate- and boron-free cream, leave for 10 minutes, and wash.

5. E-cloth glass and window


Instead of using day-glo sprays to clean your mirror or windows, try this deft little cloth. Made from millions of tiny fibres which, when wet, attract dirt and rub away streaks. Re-use 300 times.

6. Method Tub Scrub


Rather than irritating chemicals, this uses abrasive milled marble to get rid of limescale build-up. It also uses fragrant eucalyptus oil and a magnesium compound as dispersants for soap scum.

7. Earth-Friendly household cleaner


Uses nature's own cleaner, orange oil, to cut through grease and get rid of dirt. The advantage of this is not just environmental – it also leaves a nice flowery smell.

8. Ecozone kettle & iron descaler


We all know that every now and then we need to de-scale the kettle and iron if we want it to work more efficiently. This descaler uses citric acid to fight grime.

9. Method dish soap


Forget the standard supermarket stuff, check out Method's dish soap which is surprisingly tough, cutting through grease and stains with ease. Plus its bottle is made from recycled plastic.

10. Eco toilet freshener


Does the job of fresheners that dangle into the toilet bowl, only this isn't made from chemicals but German stainless steel, which neutralises odours when it comes into contact with water.

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