How to know if a hotel’s eco credentials are up to scratch

It can be hard to discern where legit claims end and greenwashing begins. Juliet Kinsman shares her tips for booking bona fide eco digs

Thursday 11 February 2021 17:28
<p>The Datai Langkawi gets artistic with rubbish</p>

The Datai Langkawi gets artistic with rubbish


icture the scene. “Darling, I’m booking us an eco hotel.” Partner, by now picturing wood-chip toilets, no charging points, itchy hemp sheets and scrambled tofu: “Really? Must we? What does that even mean?”

But if you’re someone who lusts after hotel stays that let you revel in creature comforts better than you have at home, rest assured we’ve come a long way since the term “eco stay” may have sparked shivers.

The good news: guilt-free getaways are growing in number – and they needn’t involve camping (although Fforest in Wales could make a convert of anyone). The bad news: since it’s oh-so-fashionable to seem sustainable, it’s challenging to discern who’s the real deal and is walking their talk. If it’s not made of bamboo and upcycled flip-flops, hosted by vegan XR-activists turned yogis off-grid in a pristine nature reserve, how to truly ascertain whether it’s eco at all?

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