My carbon footprint

The battle of the briefs

Recycled materials? Organic cotton? Something else? Searching for eco-friendly undies is giving Kate Hughes a headache – but at least she has an excuse not to go for a run

Thursday 24 March 2022 07:00 GMT
<p>Environmentally friendly underwear is a minefield</p>

Environmentally friendly underwear is a minefield

Pants. I need pants. The whole family does. And in my case, what one Yorkshire farmer mate refers to as over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. Beautiful.

Undies in general, though. They’re one of the very few things we don’t buy second hand (along with mattresses. And lightbulbs. Secondhand lightbulbs, as we know, aren’t a thing.)

We’ve gone as long as is decent, also flouting the entirely preposterous notion that you have to replace bras every six to twelve months. No chance.

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