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Elsa Vulliamy
Tuesday 23 February 2016 13:30

A numerical puzzle involving apples, bananas and coconuts took Facebook by storm last week.

If you missed it. Here it is:

At first glance it looks like a fairly simple equation.

If three apples add up to 30, then an apple must be worth 10.

If one apple and two banana bunches add up to 18, then a banana bunch must be worth 4.

That means if banana bunch minus coconut is equal to two then a coconut must be worth two.

So what about the last equation?

Coconut (2) + apple (10) + bananas (4) = 16.

But it’s not as easy as it looks, looking closely at the puzzle we can see that there is only one half of a coconut in the last line, and only three bananas in the bunch.

So actually, the equation is

Half a coconut (1) + apple (10) + 3 bananas (3) = 14.

If this fruity equation has got you into the mood for brain teasers, check out the ones below.

For these first ones, you need to engage your sense of spatial awareness and visualise where the objects need to go to reach the end goal.

Some of the above can take a while to figure out, especially the last one - but all of them are possible.

If you decide you're going to have to give up, the answers are below.


Puzzles taken from Mindbenders, £15.99,

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