Answers: The 2012 Quiz Of The Year

The answers to our quiz on the big events of 2012...

Monday 24 December 2012 01:01 GMT


1. Charles Taylor

2. The Spirit of Chartwell

3. Venus

4. Aung San Suu Kyi

5. Lonesome George (Pinta Island Tortoise)

6. King Richard III

7. The Innocence of Muslims

8. Curiosity

9. Ecuador

10. Twenty-four


1. (C) 369

2. Ashley Young and Ashley Cole

3. (B) 73

4. Sir Sean Connery and Sir Alex Ferguson

5. In an unmarked police car

6. The 158th University Boat Race

7. Sergio Aguero

8. Synchronised

9. (A) Bradley Wiggins

10. Fernando Alonso


1. Mumford & Sons

2. Mark Zuckerberg

3. Henry Hill

4. Sylvester Stallone

5. Maeve Binchy

6. Mo Farah

7. Morgan Tsvangirai

8. Robbie Williams

9. Emmanuelle

10. Luxembourg


1. Judy Garland’s Wizard of Oz gingham dress

2. Amour

3. Daniel Craig

4. Holy Motors

5. Paramount Pictures

6. Liam Neeson

7. Guillermo del Toro

8. Joaquin Phoenix

9. Die Another Day

10. Christopher Plummer


1. Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

2. 332

3. Tammy Baldwin

4. New Hampshire

5. (C) Women

6. Rudy Giuliani – he didn’t run for the Republican nomination

7. Jay-Z

8. Horses and bayonets

9. (B) 417

10. Gary Johnson


Link the author to the first line of his or her autobiography:

“I was born into a year of famine.” – Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2012

“The real loser is never the person who crosses the finish line last.” – Blade Runner: My Story by Oscar Pistorius, 2012

“I’m going nowhere fast.” – Between the Lines by Victoria Pendleton, 2012

“Bang! Everything goes dead mad, dead quick.” – My Decade in the Premier League by Wayne Rooney, 2012


“I pulled back the plastic sticky-tape from the cardboard box.” – Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young, 2012

“May I begin by offering my sincere apologies.” – Camp David by David Walliams, 2012

“We call it ‘doing a runner,’ and it’s the best way on earth to beat the traffic after a show.” – Rod Stewart: The Autobiography, 2012

“As I write I am sitting in Monte Carlo with my wife Kristina.” – Bond on Bond by Roger Moore, 2012


“I’m in my hotel room in London and I can’t stop crying.” – Starting Over by Denise Welch, 2012

“This is one of those misery memoirs.” – Back Story: A Memoir by David Mitchell

“My Dear Reader Chum, a very hearty hello to you.” – Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

“This is the day that I have dreamt about for years.” – Unbelievable by Jessica Ennis


1. India

2. Benghazi

3. Costa Concordia

4. Buenos Aires

5. West Nile Virus

6. British Grand Prix

7. Italy

8. Republic of Congo

9. Rafael

10. HMS Bounty


1. Gotye

2. Janelle Monáe

3. No Doubt

4. Rizzle Kicks

5. “Gangnam Style”

6. Muse

7. Rita Ora

8. They all re-formed

9. Chumbawamba

10. Ed Sheeran


962 – The total number of medals won at the London 2012 Olympics

4 – The number of years former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to for tax fraud, before the sentence was subsequently reduced

634 – The height in metres of the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in the world

76 – The number of goals scored at the Euro 2012 finals

54 – The number of days George Entwistle served as BBC Director-General

38 – The cost per share ($) in Facebook when it debuted on the Nasdaq stock exchange in May

78 – The number of minutes that former Bolton Wanderers player Fabrice Muamba was declared “in effect dead” after suffering a cardiac arrest in an FA Cup match in March

9,500 – The approximate number of road closure applications, which councils received for Diamond Jubilee street parties

15 – The number of horses that completed the Grand National in April

6 – The number of Grammy Awards singer Adele won in February

11 – The number of British cities to be equipped with the 4G network upon its UK launch in November


1. Damian Lewis

2. 12

3. Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner

4. Nadine Dorries

5. “Plebs”

6. Jimmy Carr

7. The Voice UK

8. Rosie 47

9. Elizabeth Taylor

10. The Strangers’ Bar


1. 1908 and 1948

2. (B) Qatar

3. There were the four Independent Olympic Athletes

4. Nicola Adams

5. Badminton

6. (C) A Teletubby and a Dalek

7. Third

8. Extinguishing the Paralympic flame

9. The Tempest

10. Oscar Pistorious


1. Stephen Fry

2. The Scream

3. James Corden

4. Damien Hirst

5. Frankenstein

6. Rotterdam

7. Anish Kapoor

8. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

9. Timon of Athens

10. David Hockney


1. Pagford

2. Philip Roth

3. Clare Balding

4. (A) The Song of Achilles

5. William Boyd

6. (B) The fastest adult paperback novel to sell one million print copies

7. Detective Inspector John Rebus

8. (C) Walt Boggis

9. (A) Baseball

10. (C) The execution of Anne Boleyn

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