Why I love: Watching tadpoles

Joe Goddard, musician

Interview,Hermione Eyre
Sunday 20 January 2008 01:00

My fiancée Celia and I like spending quiet Sundays at Kentish Town City Farm. You can remember what season it is by seeing which little animals are gambolling about. Celia's favourite are the furry-toed chickens. Watching the frogspawn hatching is incredible, though recently Celia and I noticed that what we like watching isn't the animals so much as the small children visiting them, and how they react to the animals.

Everyone in Hot Chip loves the Beach Boys so last year we took the Pet Sounds album cover as a sort of inspiration and did a photoshoot at the city farm, spending the whole day running after lambs. I ended up holding a baby goat. Next time I go I'm going to take my new portable sound recorder – piglets squealing could make a good sample.

Hot Chip's new single, "Ready for the Floor", is released on 28 January on EMI; the album "Made in the Dark" follows on 4 February

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