Darren Johnson

The Green Party candidate in London's mayoral race responds to some disparaging remarks about his policies made by John Walsh

Friday 16 August 2013 05:33

The thousands of Londoners who have met me on the campaign trail over recent months will have been hard-pushed to recognise John Walsh's portrayal of me as some kind of tinpot revolutionary from the Citizen Smith school of politics.

Rather, people's concerns have been precisely about those issues that the Green Party has been taking a lead on for decades. John Walsh berates me for daring to propose a congestion charge and a levy on company car-parking in order to reduce London's traffic.

But rather than being the product of some wild extremist outfit, the powers to introduce such charges were actually given to the mayor by the Government when they drafted the legislation setting up the new Authority.

John Walsh also appears to be offended by my suggestion that the activities of multinational companies need closer scrutiny.

Well, greening London is not only about creating a healthier environment for Londoners but also about reducing the negative impact of our city on the rest of the world. Funds are channelled from City investments into the destruction of tropical rainforests, the production of armaments, and other environmentally and socially destructive schemes around the world.

While I have never claimed that I can single-handedly abolish the World Trade Organisation, I and other Greens elected can work to ensure that we have greater openness and higher ethical standards in London's financial institutions.

Londoners are demanding radical solutions, which is why the Greens look set to be playing a key role in the new Authority. Whingers like Mr Walsh, who appear to care only about their ability to drive wherever they like and make money from whatever they choose, seem be in the minority.

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