Bill Bailey’s moves have put our dad dancing to shame

With his moonwalking days behind him, Will Gore needs to up his game if he wants to embarrass his children on the dance floor

Thursday 03 December 2020 16:00
<p>Saturday night fever: Oti Mabuse and Bailey are a must-see combo</p>

Saturday night fever: Oti Mabuse and Bailey are a must-see combo

There are any number of ways for a parent to embarrass their children. All that’s really required is to wait until they become teenagers, then simply exist. Your mere living, breathing presence will almost certainly drive them to paroxysms of mortified rage.

It’s possible to get ahead of the game though, by focussing on some of the key humiliation activities. Most obviously, you can try to make jokey small talk with your kids’ friends: a sure-fire way to reach the “you’re dead to me” nirvana. Alternatively, question your children loudly and in public about a range of important matters, such as whether they remembered to put on a vest.

And then of course there is dancing.

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