Inside Politics: PM facing rebellion on social care plan branded ‘inheritance tax on the north’

Critics say poorest will be hit hardest by changes to social care cap as MPs expected to vote on amendment tonight, writes Matt Mathers

Monday 22 November 2021 08:32

There’s no rest for the wicked. Following a bruising two weeks over his handling of the Paterson scandal and then diluted rail plans, Boris Johnson now potentially faces a backbench rebellion by MPs angry at his social care plans, which were sneaked out last week while eyes in Westminster were fixed on the high drama of a vote on second jobs and the PM’s appearance at a select committee. Labour and some red wall Tories are expressing concern at changes to the social care costs cap, saying they will hit the poorest hardest. A vote is expected at 10pm tonight and while Downing Street is unlikely to lose it, pushing through the plans will further sour No 10’s relationship with its northern MPs, whose patience is already being tested over the PM’s “levelling up” agenda. Elsewhere, MPs may be using private companies to reduce their tax bills, Priti Patel is coming under pressure over migrant crossings and the EU is calling on the UK to stop “posturing” in Brexit talks.

Inside the bubble

Commons sits from 2.30pm with Home Office questions followed by any post-weekend statements or urgent questions will be heard. Much of the rest of the afternoon will be consumed by a debate on the health and social care bill, with a potential vote tonight.

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