If you think the Letwin amendment has killed the no-deal Brexit kraken, I have bad news for you

Should Boris Johnson’s deal pass this week, as right now appears probable, the future is mortifyingly bleak

Matthew Norman
Sunday 20 October 2019 19:07
Amber Rudd claims she will support Boris Johnson's Brexit deal

For anyone still seeking evidence that we live in peculiarly inverted times, it came on Saturday lunchtime when the saddest sound of the day was one of delusional happiness.

As news about the Letwin amendment sidled out of that neo-Gothic hellhole, an ecstatic cheer arose in Parliament Square. Ah well, when you’re on death row at a few minutes to midnight, you’re entitled to celebrate a postponement.

But what exactly were they (we – I punched the air too) celebrating? Fresh hope that the capital sentence might be overturned on appeal? Or nothing more than the last meal chef being told to leave it for today and come back next week?

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