Inside Politics: Cop26 success ‘touch and go’ and Sunak rebuked over pre-Budget briefings

PM admits he’s ‘very worried’ about crucial summit and Commons speaker hits out at Sunak over pre-Budget leaks, saying at one time ministers would have done the right thing and ‘walked’, writes Matt Mathers

Tuesday 26 October 2021 08:25

The chances of world leaders agreeing on new commitments to tackle climate change at Cop26 look increasingly slim after Boris Johnson admitted he is “very worried” about the talks, adding it is “touch and go” whether progress will be made. Elsewhere, Rishi Sunak has been rebuked by the Commons speaker for pre-Budget briefings to journalists and a Facebook whistleblower has told MPs that events such as the 6 January US Capitol riot and genocides in Myanmar and Ethiopia are just the “opening chapters” of further atrocities if action is not taken against the tech giant.

Inside the bubble

Our chief political commentator John Rentoul on what to look out for today:

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