Inside Politics: Jeremy Corbyn looks for boost after BBC bruising

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Adam Forrest@adamtomforrest
Wednesday 27 November 2019 09:01
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“How do you do, fellow kids?” Like the cringy Steve Buscemi meme – in which the star carries a skateboard and wears a backwards baseball cap – Michael Gove and other leading Conservatives have been using Jamaican patois online in a bid to appear hip, clever and funny. I don’t think any of Gove’s “fellow kids” are fooled. The Tories have reason to be worried about their unpopularity with millennials. A spectacular, unprecedented surge saw more than 450,000 people under the age of 35 register to vote on the final day of applications. Could this be the youthquake Jeremy Corbyn – who the kids used to call “the absolute boy” – so badly needs after his bruising encounter with Andrew Neil? I’m Adam Forrest, and welcome to The Independent’s daily Inside Politics briefing.

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