Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson’s snobbish views on John Lewis show unrelenting privilege

The Downing Street refurbishment suggests the prime minister is completely out of touch with the spending habits of the UK public, writes Ellie Fry

Friday 30 April 2021 23:57
<p>Expensive tastes: the pair have allegedly spent £200,000 on refurbishments</p>

Expensive tastes: the pair have allegedly spent £200,000 on refurbishments


n true British fashion, people are up in arms about the prime minister and his partner Carrie Symonds revealing their strong distaste for John Lewis furnishings, more so it seems than the alleged Conservative Party donation for the renovation of the Downing Street flat.

An investigation into said donation by the Electoral Commission is now underway, but Twitter simply cannot get over the department store debate. Many are arguing that John Lewis’s decor is far from the “nightmare” it was dubbed as by Symonds, and rather a pipe dream for anyone who isn’t middle class enough to afford it.

Many view the store as a well respected, reliable British institution, and as an editor on IndyBest, The Independent’s product review section, I can safely say that our readers love and trust the department store.

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