Why our improved shopping and cooking habits should continue post-lockdown

The past 15 months have allowed us to reconnect to our food and where it comes from, to rekindle a love of cooking again, writes Emma Henderson

Saturday 10 July 2021 00:00
<p>Maybe you started buying vegetables from a local stall in your village, or the high street greengrocers</p>

Maybe you started buying vegetables from a local stall in your village, or the high street greengrocers

With just nine days to go until the end of lockdown restrictions, I’ve been reflecting back on how much has changed when it comes to food shopping, due to the pandemic. For us on IndyBest, it became our top priority to help readers find delivery slots at all supermarkets, which was no easy feat.

Remember not being able to secure a food delivery slot with any of the supermarkets? Queuing outside for an age, while inside, aisles were quite literally bare? Pasta, flour and toilet roll were all premium items, stripped from the shelves. But one positive from the supermarket shortages was that it pushed consumers into the hands of local producers.

From recipe delivery boxes to top quality meat and milk that needed to be diverted as its usual restaurant buyers were forced to temporarily close, and from DIY burger kits to Michelin-starred finish-at-home packages that replicated eating out, many producers had to make changes in order to stay afloat. Those who already had a small but loyal following were suddenly inundated with potential new customers desperate to buy their produce.

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