Polling has exposed how blind Britain remains to its own endemic racism

We think we’re doing so much better than our American counterparts. The Lammy Review tells the real story, writes James Moore

Why protest? Bame men and women make up 25 per cent of prisoners in the UK
Why protest? Bame men and women make up 25 per cent of prisoners in the UK

I see an awful lot of polls in my inbox. There is an entire subsection of the financial public relations industry that specialises in spamming frivolous “research” in an attempt to get mentions for the clients who pay their fees. Nevertheless, I do find the occasional diamond in the rough – a poll that proves interesting and worthwhile. One of those came last week courtesy of YouGov.

YouGov published the results of a survey of just over 3,000 adults in the UK who were asked: “To what extent, if at all, do you think the USA is a racist society?”

Some 40 per cent agreed that “it is a very racist society” while another 40 per cent thought that “it is a fairly racist society”. By contrast, just 6 per cent agreed that “it isn’t a very racist society” while a mere 2 per cent plumped for “it isn’t a racist society at all” (the remainder was made up of “don’t knows”).

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