Forget hot girl summer, this year I’m all about the ‘coastal grandmother’ aesthetic

Comfort, for me, is key and any trend that strives for this is one I can get behind, writes Laura Hampson

<p>For coastal grandmother inspiration, think: Oprah, Martha Stewart or Ina Garten</p>

For coastal grandmother inspiration, think: Oprah, Martha Stewart or Ina Garten

Chances are you’ve probably heard of “hot girl summer”. You know, the trend that took off on TikTok in 2019, encouraging women to feel confident in their body – whatever it looks like – during the warmer months of the year.

You’ve probably even heard of “short king spring”, the phenomenon that took place this past season where “short kings” such as Tom Holland and Joe Jonas were being fawned over. But have you heard of “coastal grandmother”?

Almost the antithesis of hot girl summer, the coastal grandmother lifestyle is all about living your best aspirational lifestyle. Living by the coast is optional but requirements include owning at least one white linen shirt, embracing home cooking and generally living a rather lavish lifestyle.

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