This week proved it: Trump is slowly but surely headed for obscurity

As the president and the president-elect held competing press conferences about the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, something became starkly evident, writes Dave Maclean

Thursday 10 December 2020 16:17
<p>The president is fading from the public conversation</p>

The president is fading from the public conversation

There was a moment on Tuesday when Joe Biden and Donald Trump held duelling press conferences about coronavirus and the vaccine: the president trumpeting Operation Warp Speed’s success, and the president-elect laying out the plan for his first 100 days.

It left TV channels and networks with a decision: who to air. In the end, Biden was featured on six screens — including major outlets like ABC News, CBS, and CNN. Trump, meanwhile, made it onto five – if you included OANN and Newsmax. It felt like a telling moment: Donald Trump is slowly, but surely, fading from the public conversation

Towards the end of the election campaign, there was a Biden campaign commercial which struck a chord. In it, a black circle outline moved like a mouth, over which Donald Trump’s mangled claims about climate change were played.

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