Trump has been booed again, but now is the time to concentrate on policy

Immigration, civil rights and the climate crisis should be top of the agenda with less than a year to go to the election

Chris Stevenson
Monday 04 November 2019 01:30
Trump was jeered at a UFC fight in New York on Saturday
Trump was jeered at a UFC fight in New York on Saturday

It has been quite a week for Donald Trump when it comes to public appearances. Last Sunday he was roundly booed by a crowd in Washington DC as he watched the World Series, while on Saturday he faced more of a mixed reaction from the crowd at an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout in New York.

The president will be used to it. He has been dividing opinion since he joined the race for the White House in 2015. He appears to have little interest in anything other than securing his own supporter base and will look to achieve that however the rest of the country – or the world – sees him.

The booing or cheering provides ready-made footage for news outlets and can give a snapshot of how that particular area of the country is feeling about the president. But it is a passing story, that may provide a few seconds of laughter or frustration (delete as appropriate) but little beyond that.

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