Women presenters aren’t ‘flirting’ when they interview, they’re just doing their job

US TV presenter Hadley Gamble has been accused of using sex appeal to distract Vladimir Putin during an interview, writes Charlotte Cripps. But does it really matter what women journalists wear?

Friday 22 October 2021 00:00
<p>Hadley Gamble and Vladimir Putin got into a heated discussion at Russian Energy Week in Moscow</p>

Hadley Gamble and Vladimir Putin got into a heated discussion at Russian Energy Week in Moscow

It’s not my style to wear nude Louboutins with a 12cm high heel to conduct interviews. I’m a bit more low key. But quite frankly, what does it matter what you wear? And, as long as the interview is interesting, the tone shouldn’t matter. It’s about getting your subject to open up and stop spouting PR blurb­ – or propaganda. So when I heard that a Kremlin-run TV channel claimed the US TV presenter Hadley Gamble “positioned herself as a sex object” to distract Vladimir Putin when she quizzed the Russian president about the European gas crisis, I was intrigued.

She was also accused of being part of a special ops mission to embarrass Putin.

The “leg footage” released by the Russian TV channel, shows the CNBC presenter crossing and re-crossing her legs – as many of us do – and outstretching one long leg towards Putin, even, God forbid, licking her lips. In sexist attacks on her, Russian media reported that she “caked her legs in only shimmer”, looked “ready for the catwalk”, “shed a couple of kilograms”, “squeezed herself into a black dress”, and was “puffing up her loose black hair”.

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