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I’ve created a post-lockdown bucket list – but are my ambitions too limited?

Where some are booking grand foreign holidays, Will Gore has his mind on simpler pleasures

Saturday 27 February 2021 23:01
<p>A quiet pint in a pub... bliss</p>

A quiet pint in a pub... bliss


t is a faint irony that the easing of coronavirus restrictions is always discussed with reference to roadmaps – while simultaneously we’re reminded that staying at home remains the best option. It’s certainly enough of a paradox to interest Alanis Morissette, once she’s picked the fly out of her chardonnay.

Still, last week’s signalling of a staged exit from lockdown came as a relief. If you listened hard enough, you’d have heard the sound of cheering from homes currently in use as classrooms. By summer, legal restrictions might be at an end. (“Might” being the operative word perhaps, but let’s allow optimism to reign just for a moment or two.)

People are already making grand plans on the back of Johnson’s announcement. Bookings for foreign trips jumped by 500 per cent in the 24 hours after our tousled prime minister spoke to the nation, according to Britain’s biggest holiday firm, Tui. Indeed, it’s clear from conversations I’ve had in the last few days that, for some folk at least, foreign sun is the number one aim for post-lockdown life.

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